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Call Center in Nigeria

24/7 Customer Answering Service

Providing 24-hour customer answering service by yourself will require hiring four customer service officers to manage 42-hour weekly shifts. You will bear technology, utility, rent, salaries, tax, and benefit expenses. We can take this stress off you, and you enjoy 70% cost savings. All our agents have bachelor’s degrees and speak English as native language. Our services are world class, yet our rates are lower than what you would typically get from the Philippines, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


TIer One Technical Support

Our experience providing B2B technology support services in the last 14 years gives us the core competence to deliver excellent tier one technical support to clients across the world. Often times call center agents providing tier one technical support fail to deliver good service because they focus too much on frequently asked questions document to help customers. We train our IT specialist agents to think outside the box and focus on solving every customer’s unique problem.



Our tele sales operators make B2B and B2C cold calls to prospects to increase the reach of your products and services to a wider audience. They are focused on improving your business ROI either by helping you close the deals or setting up important appointments for your inhouse sales team. Our agents will represent your company impeccably like they are your inhouse full-time staff. They are thoroughly screened for sales acumen and communication skills.

What Makes our Call Center Different?

Many good business process outsourcing companies across the world provide excellent outsourcing services. But only a few of them customize their services to match your business needs and culture. Before starting our service, we at DelonApps work hard to learn how you do business, how you treat customers and how you resolve issues, and tailor our services accordingly. cl web

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