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Agile transformation is the process of transitioning an entire organization to a nimble, reactive approach based on agile principles. Understanding agile transformation begins with understanding what it is not: adopting agile software development methodologies.

While any organization undergoing this transformation is likely to also embrace agile, Scrum, Lean, etc., agile transformation is a much larger endeavor than just changing how software gets built.

Instead, this is a complete transformation of the entire organization and extends far beyond product development. The goal is to breathe new life into the organization by creating an environment that embraces creativity and innovation, empowering employees, and reducing unnecessary layers of management.

The end result may include cross-functional or self-organized teams, a renewed focus on customer satisfaction, a reduction in processes and plans in favor of action, and increased levels of internal communication and information sharing.

We have certified and experienced agile coaches that can help your organization transform into a better functioning agile community.


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