Top 10 IT Jobs in Nigeria

It is of no news that Nigeria has based her economic mainstay on Petroleum and the country gets most of her revenue from this source, this explains the reason why young people in the country tend to pursue a degree in the oil-based discipline. An average Nigerian believes a man working in the Oil Company earns a fat salary and rightly so.


The young minds of the country tend to however get their minds clouded by this notion, as well as the need to get other “neat jobs” like being a Doctor, a Pharmacist and so on, this is to say that only a few young Nigerians partake in the Technology field intending to pursue a career relating to it.


Truth be told, the Oil industry is crowded, Doctors are becoming less needed by the day, however, today, Tech Jobs are very open and can employ as much as possible with reasonable experience. This field is one of the most sought after in other highly developed Nations and tends to bring in a lot more revenues to them than Oil brings to Nigeria as the World is currently going “more tech”.

The fact is that among the top 50 best-paying jobs in the world, tech jobs occupy almost half of the entire list and this will only increase as the search for tech workers increases.

Nigeria is doing well in catching up when it comes to technology and the tech-related jobs are increasing by the day, here are the top 10 Tech-based jobs in the country.



1. Software Developer


This is where most of these tech jobs fall under. A Software Developer Programmer or Coder is someone who simply creates Computer software. They use a series of languages and codes to create applications, commands, and tasks that run the computer.

They are highly sought after and are one of the highest earners in the World. A Software Developer must be creative and must be an expert in coding as well as utilization of the computer system as a whole.



2. Mobile Application Developer



The world has gone digital, 90% of the World Population uses a mobile phone of some kind, and over 60% use or have used a smartphone in this generation. Looking at the Google Play Store, for example, is the official Android Application store and contains over 2.7 million applications.

The job of an App developer is primarily to create and design applications for particular purposes to serve a particular set of people. These Mobile Application Developers possess a skill in coding and can grow their niche into Web Applications. They can work for companies but can also be independent and ways of earning are flexible.



3. Database Administrator



The Database of a company is one of its most important assets. Here, records and tracks of the company’s staff, activities, customers, inventory, and transactions are kept. It contains an invaluable set of information that is very useful and can be essential in future decisions. A Database Admin is the person that runs it and they earn a lot as it is not a very easy task.



4. Digital Marketer



A digital marketer or a digital marketing manager is a person whose task is to develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns to promote a company and its products and/or services. He/she s a major PRO of the company as they are essential in promoting awareness about the Company to the general public, hence selling their goods and services rather easily. Marketing is a major factor of any company, hence the importance of a skilled Marketing Manager.



5. Web Developer



As earlier said, the world is going digital. Most companies now prefer to sell their products online as a lot of people have access to the internet. These companies have their websites to make things easier for them and a Web Developer is responsible for creating and designing these websites.

A Web Developer must be an expert in a lot of programming languages and must be capable of creating a unique, user-friendly, and easily-accessible portal.



6. Computer Hardware Engineer



Well, technology can’t just be there, there must be some physical portals influencing it. A computer is the most notable and important tech device and it is a Computer Engineer that creates and designs it as well as other computer-related devices.



7. Security Engineer



A company can lose a good amount of its revenue and assets if its security system is breached by a dark hacker. Lots of secret information including passwords and strategies can be leaked which may lead to loss and this is where the Security Engineer comes in.

A Security Engineer combines a variety of skills to design, utilize and monitor various systems that secure a company’s network and software, protecting and shielding its assets from unwanted Intruders. They’re a very important branch of any company.



8. Data Architect



Data Architecture is based on Information Technology. The job of a Data Architect is to determine how Data can be stored, consumed, managed, and integrated by different Data Entities or IT Systems.



9. IT Program Manager



An IT Manager has a lot of responsibility on his sleeves. He or she manages the company’s IT infrastructure and also manages all projects relating to information in the company. They oversee and determine the time frame of an IT project from updates to outages.. they plan, coordinate and direct all activities relating to the Company’s Information System.



10.Software Development Manager



A Software Development Manager simply leads a team of Software Developers. He/She is tasked with hiring and training staff of related companies, creating budgets and documentation then providing reports to those at the top hierarchy.