About Us

From our offices in Boston (United States), Lagos (Nigeria), Liverpool (United Kingdom), and Lahore (Pakistan), we deliver top-of-the-range software development and IT upskilling services to clients across the world. Our cost-saving, responsive, transparent, and agile processes enable companies to accelerate output while connecting with their customers in a meaningful and engaging way.


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Our top-quality and secure web app development services will save you time and money.



We build attractive native and cross-platform mobile apps to meet your exact needs.


Agile Transformation

Our ultimate goal is to build an excellent Agile framework that fits your organization.

Our development process

Our entire process is built around providing excellent and affordable solutions that meet our clients’ exact needs.

Engage with key stakeholders, Gather Requirements, Identify risks and Select team members

Collaborate with client and users to create a UI/UX-centered software architecture

Ensure security and quality codes in frontend, backend, and infrastructure development work

Use manual and suitable automated tools for unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing

Get customer to test and confirm functionalities. Test for quality, security and scalability

Share completed product and manual guide with client

IT Upskilling
Agile Transformation

We also provide IT staff outsourcing service to clients in Nigeria, North America, Europe, and Singapore. This includes the entire recruitment process, onboarding, payroll, taxes, insurance, government and legal documentation, as well as human resource management.

Our vast experience managing all types of IT engineers (including but not limited to software engineers, cloud engineers, IT support engineers, network engineers, QA engineers, data engineers and data scientists) enables us to offer you guaranteed cost and time savings.

We put the initial focus on transformation, not on the technical details about Agile. Since agile cannot succeed without buy-in from non-IT and management teams, we seek to build up required skills across all teams through coaching, training, and mentoring.

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