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Many good business process outsourcing companies across the world provide excellent outsourcing services. But only a few of them customize their services to match your business needs and culture. Before starting our service, we at DelonApps work hard to learn how you do business, how you treat customers and how you resolve issues, and tailor our services accordingly.


Our company is based out of Boston, United States and Lagos, Nigeria. But we provide our BPO service through our excellently trained agents in Lagos. Our agents in Lagos will represent your company impeccably like they are your inhouse full-time staff. They are thoroughly screened for typing speed, spelling, grammar, and comprehension, as well as communication and listening skills. All of our agents work at our call center office, but can deploy remotely during pandemics and natural disasters.


We started offering technology solutions in Nigeria since 2007. And we have provided services to companies in Nigeria, United States, UAE, Kenya, Mozambique, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Benin Republic, Sierra Leonne, and Chad. Our call center business includes some staff with clear British accent and the others speak very clear neutral Nigerian accent.


Our top call center solution in Nigeria is available for clients in the United Kingdom, English-speaking European countries, the United States, Canada, India, as well as Nigeria and the rest of Africa. We offer you up to 70% cost savings when compared with hiring full-time inhouse call center agents. No matter where your office or customers are, we offer 24/7 service.


ladies in a call center

ladies in a call center

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 24/7 customer answering service
  • Tier one technical support
  • Orders, confirmations, reservations and returns
  • Outbound sales calls and scheduling
  • Emergency line
  • Regular 8am to 5pm phone receptionist service



24/7 customer answering service:


To provide 24 hour customer answering service by yourself will require hiring three customer service officers to manage 8-hour shifts, and spend heavily on technology, fuel, benefit, salaries, taxes and fuel. We can take tis stress off you by providing similar service at less than 20% of your cost.

So while we are saving you huge operations cost, we are also helping you retain and grow your customer base. And your company becomes more profitable.


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Tier one technical support


Because we are fundamentally a technology company, we are able to provide an efficient tier one technical support to help your clients troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. Often times call center agents providing tier one technical support services struggle to deliver good service because they only look at a standard frequently asked questions document to answer customers. In our own case, we train our call center agents to develop good understanding of the technology in order to provide adequate support over the phone.


Orders, confirmations, reservations and returns


We can also help you manage order, confirmations, reservations and returns. This helps you to focus on your core business and logistics while we make your customers happy by helping you sort out their issues. Because our transcribing system is automated, you will get the customer information immediately the phone conversation is completed.


men in a call center

men in a call center

Outbound sales calls and scheduling


While many call centers focus only on inbound calls, our team is trained to provide top-of-the-range outbound calls to our clients.


Emergency line


Because we offer guaranteed 24-hour client service, we are also able to provide emergency service to clients who need someone to be on standby all the time to receive and process emergency phone calls.


Regular 8am to 5pm phone receptionist service


Even where your requirement is as basic as the regular 8am to 5pm phone receptionist service, we are still able to save you significant costs.


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