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Assistants in

In today’s current digital space, client journeys often span multiple channels and timeframes. And as customers become more mobile, they also become more easily frustrated with traditional, channel-enclosed solutions.

With our Virtual Assistant platforms, we give your clients, and customers, the effortless experience they deserve while providing tangible business benefits.

We provide Virtual Assistants for different roles in your business, spanning:

– Chats

– Emails

– Scheduling meetings

– Phone Calls

– Social Media etc.

Our Virtual Assistants give you the effectiveness of an assistant with the flexibility of flying solo. To handle all the repetitive details that push you to the side.

Chats: Our agents follow up on recurring clients at your wish, managing broader communications between your business and your clients.

Emails: With our professionally trained and highly skilled staff, we are able to send email replies to specific emails, we can share comprehensive message summaries of your communications in the current workday, and get your information packaged and delivered straight to you, each day, as many times as you want.

Scheduling meetings: Shift productivity into gear when you allow our staff to focus on scheduling your meetings, getting appropriate details checked, and making sure all parties involved are properly prepared and briefed before each meeting begins.

Phone Calls: Our agents can handle your routine calls with customers, or some more engaging calls with recruiters and regulators.

Social Media: Our staff will help your business navigate in the digital era, with degrees in Marketing and experience in Finance, our team will transform the digital brand of your business, with regular informed posts about your business and your sector, growing a community of customers who love your business.

We also help you make Sales and Marketing calls, and help you manage hiring and recruitment. All without the need for office space or a physical workstation.

When the details of your business are handled by a Virtual Assistant, you’ll get things done twice as fast, and with less stress.

At DelonApps, we go through thousands of CVs, and we have hundreds of people interviewed, to find the perfect candidate for your business, ready to work hard at the role.

With 14 years of competence and exceptional delivery providing B2B technology support services, DelonApps is capable of carrying the weight of your business, leaving you to focus on more important duties.